The Way of a Man – a Film About Martin Buber

Producer: Yaakov Lifshin and Aharon Lipetz
Director: Yaakov Lifshin and Aharon Lipetz
Israel, 2015
52 min

29 Apr, kl 12:00


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The philosophy of Buber, which greatly influenced scientists, psychologists, educators, scholars, and philosophers worldwide, can be seen today as more relevant and timely than ever. Within Buber’s discourse, individuals of the Facebook generation are finding practical answers to the existential questions that occupy them: the search for spirituality and enlightened living, listening to the other, creating dialogue that moves beyond the political backdrop, and engaging with the other as a precondition to being a whole person.

This film opens a window onto the life and thought of Martin Buber. Yet it is not simply a historical biography of a fascinating spiritual giant, but a testament to Buber’s living legacy documenting his present-day followers in Israel- and worldwide.

EVENT: Monday, May 2

20:30: The Way of a Man – a film about MARTIN BUBER
Introduction and Q&A after the screening with Paul Mendes-Flohr Professor emeritus Jewish Thoughts and History

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