DIARY (1st chapter) - CJFF

DIARY (1st chapter)

Instruktør:Yael Perlov/Yad Vashem

Sprog: Engelsk, Hebraisk
År og land: 2017, The Netherlands
Genre: Hybrid Documentary
Spillelængde: 66 min

Diary: My father. Screening 1st chapter of Diary (out of 6 chapters): Relating to the research of the Ladino language and the story of immigration: ….‘my father was born in Brasil, arriving finally to producing documentary films.’


Bliver annonceret via vores hjemmeside: cjff.dk samt festivalens Facebook, Twitter og Instagram.


Yael Perlov will share personal narratives presenting her work with her father’s documentaries and Film art www.davidperlov.com. Værter: Det Danske Filmmuseum, WIFT (women in film & TV) & CJFF

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