WED, FEB. 26, 8:30 PM / Judaism Unbound podcasts from Bird on a Wire  / NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL

THURS, FEB. 27, 7:15 PM / Judaism Unbound podcasts from There Are No Lions in Tel Aviv / CINEMATEKET +
8:45 PM / Buffet & Haggadah-Do-It-Yourself – with Daniel Libenson in the Asta Bar after the film.


The U.S. Embassy has generously supported CJFF 2020 by providing funds to bring representatives from the popular podcast Judaism Unbound from Palo Alto, Californien. (See more at judaismunbound.com)

Daniel Libenson, together with Lex Rosenberg, has developed a veritable podcast world about Jewish identity, culture, Judaism and more over the past few years. They touch, illuminate, investigate and simply ask about everything that is happening in the global Jewish world.

We have encouraged them to take a closer look at Denmark and the existing Jewish culture. It must become a common document, which may become a manifesto for the future. Who are we? What do we want? What are we dreaming about?

And what an occasion is better than the film festival, where half, whole, neighborhood and undefined Jews show up, from near and far, to sit there in the movie theater and take care of the wonderful Jewish movie gems.

You can meet Judaism Unbound several times during the festival, but on February 27 you can get the whole package: A documentary portrait of a Dane on adventures around the world, a dinner buffet, and an event with podcaster Daniel Libenson & Do-It-Yourself-Haggadah workshop.


February 26: Judaism Unbound will podcast from Nikolaj Kunsthal in connection with the screening of Bird on a Wire, as part of the film screenings & talks in GL STRAND for the exhibition Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything. With Michael Rothstein and Rebecca Lilian.

February 27: Judaism Unbound will podcast in connection with the screening of There Are No Lions in Tel Aviv in Cinemateket. We invite you to a Buffet & Haggadah-Do-It-Yourself with Daniel Libenson after the film.


19.15: There Are No Lions in Tel Aviv with introduction.
20.45: Buffet in the Asta Bar.
21.45: Talk with podcaster Daniel Libenson & Do-It-Yourself-Haggadah-workshop.
23.00: Thanks for coming!

Total ticket price: 250 DKK – purchase only, no reservation. NB: Tickets for the program items cannot be purchased individually.