MON, JAN. 27, 9:30 PM + Debat / CINEMATEKET

Noa Aharoni’s heartbreaking film Shadows gives voice to the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. The film documents how violence, abuse and pain do not disappear over time, but can be inherited from generation to generation, and how the people who were exposed to traumatic events at the hand of the Nazis later traumatize their own children.

Aharoni follows his protagonists, who only now dare to confront the past and look back on their childhood as second- and third-generation victims of the Jewish persecution. They talk about growing up in families with uncontrollable violence, anger and major mental health problems. At the same time, they fear passing their own pain on to the next generation.

Shadows is a portrait of a generation who lost their parents and childhood in the shadow of the Holocaust.

Director: Noa Aharoni
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
Year/Country: 2017, Israel
Genre: Fiction
Length: 52 min.


Meet director Noa Aharoni for a debate on the film. The conversation takes place after the film in English and lasts approx. 45 minutes.

NOTE: The following day, Tuesday, January 28, at 12.00 & 4:00pm, there will be workshops with Noa Aharoni. Tickets: DKK 30 – read more HERE.


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